It is an advance and premium course designed byMr. Sunil Minglani. This program has been designed for people who have a thorough knowledge of basic concepts (chart reading, candles, support & resistance level, moving averages, volume, etc) and 6-8 months of working / Trading experience in the stock market
This program has been specially designed for the ones who have technical knowledge about the stock market i.e. able to read charts and has been working in the market for the past 6-7 months
This is a completely recorded program, in which you can download videos and watch them as many times as you want for the fixed time period ( 90 Days) only.
You will get all the Videos of the MT COURSE altogether in your mobile app ( My Courses Section), once the payment will be cleared.
These are recorded videos, it can be downloaded and watched offline as well. These videos will be in your system for a period of 90 Days, after that they will be locked in your system automatically.
You can purchase the program from the mobile application or the website. To purchase the program, install the app on your android mobile, sign up first to create your login ID and password. After login, you can buy the services online. No need to fill coupon code, it is already applied, buy it directly.
Follow these steps to watch the videos: 1) Click on 3 lines placed on the top left in the app 2) click My Courses 3) Click view
No, these videos are available only in our android mobile application.
The service is available only on our android mobile application.
You will get study material in the form of a PDF which you can download and print for your future reference.
Yes, the support will be there for 3 months. You can mail your queries by email or call us at Helpline numbers already given in your PDF file.
Yes, this program includes practical videos as well.
Yes, but you are advised to learn all concepts taught in this program first and trade in very small quantities for the first 1-2 months.
The duration of this program is 15 - 16 hours which will be covered in 21 videos.
You are not allowed to change/switch over the handset or uninstall the application in any circumstances. If in the case of an emergency, you are advised to inform the team beforehand through the mail else your ID will be locked for 5-6 days due to security reasons.

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