Price Patterns Explained (Validity-20 Days)


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Price Patterns Explained (Validity-20 Days)


3 Videos (99:96 mins)

This Price Pattern Explained and Practicals Program has 3 Videos of around 99.96 mins and full content PDF file for your reference, the validity of this program will be 20 days. In this program, Sunil Minglani has explained Price Patterns in his unique style with simplicity and clarity.

Technical analysis is based upon the basic premise that History repeats itself. It happens everywhere in this world be it our life, weather etc. Each behaviour can be predicted using previous data patterns.

In the market when up and down movements happen, it creates a certain type of pattern due to selling or buying pressure. For example in up-trending markets, market participants get greedy and want to buy irrespective of the high price. Likewise in a downtrend, market participants want to sell irrespective of the low and unattractive prices. This human reaction ensures that the price history repeats itself. Price behaviour study helps us to read those patterns effectively and anticipate future prices in a better way.

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