Dow Theory, Fibonacci Retracement ( Validity-12 Days)


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Dow Theory, Fibonacci Retracement ( Validity-12 Days)


2 Video(64:67 mins)

This Dow theory, Fibonacci retracement Program has 2 Videos of around 64.67 mins and full content PDF file for your reference, the validity of this program will be 12 days. In this program, Sunil Minglani has explained Dow theory, Fibonacci retracement in his unique style with simplicity and clarity.

Dow Theory is developed by Charles Dow in the late 19th century, refined by William Hamilton and articulated by Robert Rhea, the Dow theory addresses not only technical analysis and price action, but also market philosophy. The Dow theory attest that the stock market will behave the same today as it did 100 years ago. The goal of Dow and Hamilton was to identify the primary trend and catch the big moves. Reading the market is an empirical science. Dow theory helps investors identify facts, not assumptions and forecast.

Fibonacci retracement percentages correspond to natural ratios discovered by the Greeks.  They referred to the phenomenon as the Golden Ratio. The theory was then rediscovered by Fibonacci; a medieval, Italian Mathematician. Fibonacci proved that the Golden Ratio is present in many aspects of nature and science, and Elliott felt that it had great significance on the financial markets as well.

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